PHARMA-STAR Medical Pharmacy is a Local Compounding Pharmacy in St Catharines, ON

PHARMA-STAR Medical Pharmacy is a local compounding pharmacy in St Catharines, ON that creates custom medications for customers through compounding processes as well as regular prescription filling and over the counter medication. Our compounding pharmacists are certified in mixing together the ingredients you need in you medication to specially fit your needs and avoiding things that you don't for your custom medication fill. We can also procure special ingredients that are cleared by your doctor such as methadone for symptoms like pain relief. We are also engage in compounding hormones for customers who need that kind of therapy.

We also function as a traditional pharmacy in which our trained pharmacists can fill your regular prescriptions as well. We recommend that you call ahead so we can have it ready for you when you arrive. For both regular and compounded medications, PHARMA-STAR Medical Pharmacy offers free delivery if you do not want to come down to the pharmacy.

We provide free consultations for any customers who may have questions as well as senior discounts. If you are looking for a pharmacy that has all of your medication needs covered, contact us today to fill your prescription!

Phone Number: (905) 984-4111 • Fax Number: (905) 984-4450

What Makes Us Proud
  • We Are a Fully-Functioning Compounding Pharmacy!
  • We Do All Prescription Filling and Over the Counter Medication!
  • We Offer Free Delivery For All Medications!
Locations Served
  • Fonthill
  • Niagara Falls
  • St. Catherines and the following cities:
  • Thorold
  • Welland